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At Linea, we regularly assess the market for new and innovative solutions, which can support our clients to provide enhanced care quality whilst also delivering sustainable efficiency and cost reduction.

Liverpool-based medical innovation company Tookie Limited has developed such a solution with a potentially life -saving technology which has the capacity to significantly improve the lives of thousands of adults and children undergoing testament requiring insertion of lines through vascular access, for example: dialysis, chemotherapy, nutrition.

We have worked closely with CEO David Axon (who is also a Partner at Linea) and Commercial Director, Stephen Tooke for several years and greatly support the ground-breaking and life-saving work they support and their fantastic have achievements with Tookie.

Vascular access is an essential and lifesaving therapy, with many patients having lines inserted and accessed on a daily basis to administer medicine and monitor health. Unfortunately, complications with central lines are common and well documented, especially that of displacement & gravitational pull, with tubes often snagging, twisting and looping – a large proportion being avoidable.

The accidental removal of a catheter from a patient receiving long term treatment can be life threatening. Tookie products not only reduce the likelihood of line fallout and line re-insertions, but they also increase  patient’s quality of life.

The health benefits of Tookie products are broad and are patient, parent and clinician driven – responding to a patient and clinical “unmet need”, as well as generating significant savings in hospitals be reducing levels of rework/line reinsertions. Tookie products focus upon the security of life-saving patient lines. Tookie products helps to prevent the accidental removal of hundreds of thousands of intra-venous lines fitted in the UK each year.

Tookie – supporting patients in need

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In these increasingly uncertain times, as healthcare providers are forced to reprioritise resources and time, certain patient populations are now faced with less direct care and find themselves distanced from their hospital care team.

However, certain patients, particularly the elderly and those with long-term conditions, are at higher risk of hospitalisation and therefore need to remain at home in isolation.  This can be a genuine struggle, for those managing long-term conditions, especially with little or no clinical support.

Tookie products support the most vulnerable, helping avoid unnecessary visits to hospital, for those patients undergoing treatments requiring vascular access and line insertions, where line fall-out is a very real risk.

Accidental removal of a patient’s (adult and child) ‘line’ is a disaster often resulting in infection with serious risk of death, let alone the obvious requirement for further invasive line re-insertions.

Putting in place interventions which prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and other costly, undesirable consequences, allow patients and carers to lead ‘A Life More Normal’. 

In these increasingly uncertain times, as healthcare providers are forced to reprioritise resources and time, certain patient populations are now faced with less direct care and find themselves distanced from their hospital care team.

This virus is absolutely awful, but it will change a great deal of practice in society and healthcare. Tookie are supporting and reinforcing the need to move forward and reposition certain care away from hospital and into the home, whilst providing clinical teams, patients, carers, parents and families with care quality and confidence, at the same time enabling clinical teams to be freed up to support other patients.

This new norm will further raise patient / family anxieties and concerns about managing care at home and in the community; however, Tookie products are designed with hospital transition to home / community in mind – designed directly with clinical teams and patients to meet their needs and provide an essential part of their home-care package; enhancing patient safety and security, proven to reduce anxiety and concern levels of patients’ and their families – providing security of vital invasive lines / devices (for example dialysis, chemotherapy, cystic fibrosis, bone marrow transplants) required for treatment.

Coronavirus poses a greater risk for these patients groups, but Tookie products significantly reduce the risk of repeated hospital visits, enabling vulnerable patients to isolate and shield .

The Tookie vest has received extremely positive feedback, not only from patients but from wider family members and clinicians.


“When I first became a HD patient, I was totally unaware of what was to come. Four months into my treatment, I was introduced to Tookie. Their concerns for the comfort of HD patients was obvious from the beginning. The vest gives comfort and modesty in a mixed unit, but most important of all, it gives security with restricted movement to the neck line, decreasing the possibility of having to replace the neck line”.

HD Patient

Family Members

“We thought the Tookie vest was a great idea. I was so intrigued to see it in the making and I’m glad we did. It’s soft, lightweight and easy to wash. My son finds it comfortable to wear and forgets he’s even wearing it. With him only being 3 and just starting nursery, we were worried about him playing with the other children and possibly having his brovaic line (Mr Wiggly) accidentally pulled, as it just sat in a bag around his neck. Now we feel much more relaxed. He loves football and has just started football training, he wears the vest each week to football, it allows him to play without having to be afraid of joining in, and he enjoys himself to the max!!! The vest is invisible under his clothes.”

Mother of a three-year old child


“As a children’s surgeon, I see first hand the concerns that parents have around care and security of their child’s central line and also the implications of premature line removal. The Tookie vest aims to give both actual line security and also peace of mind to families, something that we have been waiting for in central line care.”

Consultant Paediatric Surgeon

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